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The AIM Curriculum includes two measures of adaptive, flexible behavior:

a child report and a caregiver report. 

Download them here for free! 

About the Cpfq

A New Tool for Measuring a Child's Psychological Flexibility

CPFQ-Child Report

  • 24-item self-report measure that is completed by the child

  • Can be done independently or with adult support

  • Visual Scale is included to support child responding

  • Any child participating in the AIM curriculum should be able to complete this measure

CPFQ-Caregiver Report

  • 24-item measure that is completed by an adult familiar with the child

  • Can be completed by family members, educators, therapists, etc.

  • Items mirror those on the Child Report


  • Provide a total score as well as individual subscales for each component of the ACT hexaflex

  • Use in intervention planning to determine which ACT areas to target

  • Use as a measure of progress and growth over time

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