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Implementation Components

What is included in AIM?

intervention components

The AIM Curriculum synthesizes multiple behavior analytic techniques to promote positive behavior change.  The system involves five main components:

1) Mindful Practices

2) Daily ACT Lessons

3) AIM Point System

4) Functional Reinforcement

5) Ongoing Progress Monitoring

Mindful Practices

75 different mindfulness moments activities are provided for use on a consistent basis as well as several scripts for guided meditation.

Daily ACT Lessons

175 ACT experiential activities are included with AIM.  These activities are tiered to provide various levels of intervention depth to meet the needs of all children.

AIM Point System

All of the tools needed for managing a point system are included with AIM, such as planning matrices for child-driven functional reinforcers and several variations of point sheets for different settings.

Functional Reinforcement

The AIM point system provides methods for planning a variety of different dynamic reinforcement schedules, cash-out systems, and data collection regarding functional reinforcers.

Ongoing Progress Monitoring

ACT-incorporated ABC data collection forms, point tracking forms, a weekly ACT report, a self-monitoring form, a point exchange log, tools for assessing treatment fidelity, and child assessment measures are all included with AIM.

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