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AIM is designed for use by several professionals and is applicable in multiple settings.

Behavior Analysts

Behavior analysts working in school, clinic, and home settings may be able to use AIM to facilitate positive behavior change.


Teachers in general and special education, whether an inclusive or self-contained setting, can utilize AIM to facilitate social-emotional development and increase appropriate behavior in school.

Other Service Providers

Other professionals, such as social workers or counselors, may find AIM useful in their services for children with and without special needs.

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Not sure if aim is right for you?

If you work with children or adolescents who have social-emotional or behavior support needs, this curriculum may be appropriate in your workplace. 


Check the ethical and practice standards for your profession to determine if the objectives of AIM align with these guidelines.

All professionals should practice within their competencies and seek the appropriate training when selecting any intervention, including AIM.

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