AIM Workbook Series

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Three unique AIM workbooks to accompany the curriculum.  
Each workbook contains daily activities,

goal setting tasks, and progress monitoring options. Use a single journal-style resource to archive

all the AIM work the child completed.


This is a series of three workbooks that in total complement the entire AIM 175 Day ACT curriculum!  

What you get: Each week of lessons is introduced in a theme, with highlights about what the child should take away from the week of experiences.  There is also a goal to set for the week - something to AIM for!  After completion of five lessons (a week of tasks), a reflection is given that has the child think back to how they were able to "accept", "identify" and "move" to things they value.  

Complete with copies of the CPFQ in an easy to fill-out format!  More than just a set of worksheets.  These workbooks build upon the AIM lessons and allow the child to create images, write thoughts, goal set, draw feelings, and engage in many creative psychologically flexible experiences.  A must for users of the AIM curriculum!   All their hard work is now in a single place, archived in a beautifully presented workbook.

Designed to be used by an individual student / client.  

Sold in packs of 3.  This means you get a full sets of workbooks A, B, and C. (for use with a single student).

The perfect way to keep track of progress throughout participation in the AIM Curriculum.  

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© Shawnee Scientific Press, 2018. From: Dixon, M.R. & Paliliunas, D. (2017).  AIM: A behavior analytic curriculum for social-emotional development in children. Carbondale, IL: Shawnee Scientific Press.