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A.I.M. Explorers

Take a Look Inside the new young child volume series.

AIM Explorers Content

Designed Specifically for Young Children

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Overview of the AIM Explorer System

A clear path for implementation is described that blends mindful practices, daily ACT lessons, function-based reinforcers, and methods of progress monitoring.

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Daily AIM Explorer Lessons

Module themed content that each contain five lessons targeting one of the CASEL competencies for social and emotional learning.  Coupled with the power of an ACT hexaflex process, these lessons teach SEL through conversation, experience, and self-reflection.

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Detailed Information on ACT and SEL

The introduction of the AIM book provides an excellent overview of how Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) serves as the active treatment approach.  Each of the six core processes is explained in simple terms and how to best get children to understand their use in daily life.

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Behavior and SEL Point System

A simplified version of behavior management that works effortlessly in classrooms, full schools, or in 1:1 clinical care locations.


Implementation Checklists

Keep implementation integrity through the use of worksheets that illustrate all elements of the AIM program.  Supervisors can use these sheets to provide feedback to staff on implementation quality and completeness.

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Functional Behavior Tracking

Track behavior.  Track ACT-process demonstrations.  Using a modified version of an Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence approach that embraces hexaflex, get objective evaluations of how things are going every day.

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