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A wide range of materials and resources to meet the needs of every child in any setting.

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AIM Explorers

Dixon (2023)

A new and complete AIM curriculum series for young children that directly aligns with CASEL's 5 core competencies for Social and Emotional Learning.  Designed for ease of use in both schools and clinics.  Each Volume contains:

  • 10 Themed Modules

  • 5 Multi-Day Lessons per Module

  • Clear links to ACT hexaflex processes and CASEL Framework

  • Worksheets, role plays, metaphor building, and perspective taking activities.

  • 50 Mindfulness Lessons

  • Function-Based Behavior Management System

Designed for use with children ages 3-10.


AIM Text and Workbook (Original)

Dixon and Paliliunas (2017-18)

The 250+ page book covers an overview of mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and functional management of behavior.

Also includes 75 mindfulness lessons, 175 daily AIM lessons differentiated by tiers of intervention, and a variety of data sheets for progress monitoring, treatment integrity, and staff performance feedback.

The student workbook contains 175 worksheets to accompany the text, and is a great resource for every student to archive their progress.  

Designed for use with children ages 5-18+. (younger children may greater enjoy AIM Explorers)


AIM Explorer

Bringing SEL to Life

A full experiential kit to expand the reach of the AIM lessons.

  • Hexaflex themed stuffed animals, bookmarks, token-coins, board game, activity book, and character storybooks of the entire AIM Explorers program. 

  • Coming soon... additional digital resources including animations, music videos, more storybooks, and student management database services.

Adult Education Course

Assess Social and Emotional Behavior

Child forms.  Caregiver forms.

Get started by using the Child Psychological Flexibility Index to determine the level of success with each ACT therapeutic process.

Examine the similarities and differences between child self-report and caregiver.

New in 2023 a comprehensive ACT assessment specifically for understanding the functional relations of each child. 

See an Example

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